Whether you are a sole proprietor with a few entries per month or a small business with thousands of entries per month, we create plans that are customized to fit your needs!

General Accounting

If you just have a question about some of your expenses or you're interested in hiring a full time accountant to service your business, we have accountants on staff ready to service and help streamline your business.

Payroll and Invoicing

Whether you need to invoice your clients for services rendered or you need to pay your workforce, our plans are custom built to service your specific business needs.  We even process freelance payments!

The Inkconomy Advantage

Here at Inkconomy we believe that every business is unique and unique businesses require unique solutions.  That means that when you contact us requesting more information about our services, we won't send you a cookie cutter template with cookie cutter rates.

When we reach out to you, we'll ask you a little more about you and your business.  What you want to gain, how you want to grow, what changes you want to see and get to know you personally as a business and a business owner.

Once we learn more about you and your needs we'll provide you an overview of the solutions we provide that we feel will work best for your business.

That's right! You will receive a fully customized plan with full pricing details and you can decide what solutions you want for your business.

Don't worry we know how valuable your time is as a business owner. So we won't take much of it and we won't bombard you with pushy sales emails or phone calls.  Start a chat or email us today!